Rethinking College Placement with EdReady: Q/A with JSU

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

As institutions prepare to offer or expand online assessment, instruction, and student services, the NROC member community has expressed a renewed interest in postsecondary placement alternatives.

If you are considering how a low-stakes, learner-centered placement alternative can benefit your school, join us for an open conversation with the Jacksonville State University (JSU) team that first used EdReady to effectively assess and improve student readiness. After 5 years of tracking learners in the math pathways that lead to graduation, the JSU model is now integrated into the institution’s broader student success and retention strategies, and recent data demonstrate the efficacy of the institution’s low-stakes approach to foundational English language skills.

We will reflect on new ways to meet students where they are and accelerate their college math and English readiness.

Presenters: Courtney Peppers, Director of Learning Services; Mary Reagan, Coordinator, Summer Bridge and Placement; and Jan Case, Interim Chair, Math Department

Review the EdReady Math and English Placement information on JSU’s website.

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Q/A from Placement Webinar with JSU – April 2020

EdReady: An Alternative to Traditional Placement

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