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Created by Jill Somrock

Meeting Learners Where They Are: Strategies and Tools for the Next Era of Learning

A Panel Discussion facilitated by NROC President Dr. Ahrash Bissell with:
• Dr. Karen Vignare, Executive Director of the Personalized Learning Consortium–APLU and partner in the Every Learner, Everywhere Project Partner
• Dr. Hae Okimoto, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Academic Technologies, University of Hawai’i System
• Dr. Eric Ban, Managing Director of the Dallas County Promise at The Commit! Partnership

Accommodations for the COVID-19 pandemic have converted what was long considered a problem that only accrued to an at-risk subgroup of learners into a problem that affects literally every student—problems of transfer, progression, and readiness are now universal issues.

More than ever, educators are considering how to normalize and institutionalize the process of giving every learner the opportunity to ascertain readiness in key areas and continuously revisit and strengthen core skills. With appropriate technological supports, this just-in-time approach can be skillfully deployed and readily scaled to radically improve student engagement, persistence, and success.

Join us for a conversation with education thought leaders and secondary and postsecondary practitioners who will weigh in on the strategies and tools that can help us meet learners where they are, now and into the uncertain future.


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