Virtual Learning During the Pandemic: Top Takeaways for the Future

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

The Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA), a nonprofit organization of leading state virtual schools and large consortiums with the mission to strengthen online learning, was in a unique position to provide guidance, support, online content, and leadership to schools moving to remote learning as a result of COVID-19.

This webinar will feature VLLA members’ perspectives on lessons learned and new opportunities for virtual learning. Their ‘top takeaways’ will resound with instructors and administrators across education sectors. Cindy Hamblin, Director of the VLLA, will facilitate the conversation, and all registrants will receive a follow-up email that contains a link to the webinar archive and additional resources.


Robert Currie, Executive Director, and Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Manager, Montana Digital Academy

Amy Michalowski, Dean for VHS Learning

‍Rich Copeland, Supervisor of Teacher Quality, Georgia Virtual

Stacey Schuh, Director of Professional Learning Services, Michigan Virtual

Jeff Simmons, Director of Supervision and Instruction, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

Geetanjali Soni, Director of Teaching and Learning, NCVirtual

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NROC Webinar Virtual Learning During the Pandemic