Annual Member Meeting

A Thriving Hive 2019 NROC Member Meeting

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About The Users’ Conference

Each year in Monterey, California, the annual NROC Member Meeting brings together leaders, teachers, and learners to renew our commitment and review progress on our mission to open doors to college and career. Together, we consider how NROC resources and tools are making a difference in the hands of innovative educators. Rich networking opportunities leave participants connected and inspired to launch new ideas.

The meeting is highlighted by engaging keynote speakers, panel discussions with students, teachers, and administrators, member-led roundtable discussions on initiatives to promote student success, and updates on NROC current and future projects. All participants are provided an opportunity to brainstorm with colleagues and dive deeper into specific projects and plans for moving ideas and collaboration forward after the meeting.

Attendees meet to:

• Explore innovations to boost student success and ease the transition between secondary and postsecondary studies within the changing landscape of education.

• Share successes and lessons learned to support learner aspirations and institutional initiatives.

• Make network connections for ongoing cooperation with members who share similar goals and challenges.

• Explore college readiness strategies using new and proven models to bridge the gap between high school completion and college success.

• Re-imagine remediation by leveraging new NROC media and tools to personalize and accelerate review in math and English

Each year, participants tell us this is the best conference they attend all year.

The 2017 Member Meeting archive is available for your review.