With EdReady, individuals can test their readiness for college math, see study options, and get a personalized study path to fill in knowledge gaps. EdReady can be used to check math mastery, to plan for college and career opportunities, and to prepare for common exams, such as the ACT and HiSET. High school students, homeschoolers, and adult learners will benefit from EdReady.org.

Institutions that are members of The NROC Project (NROC) are entitled to a custom EdReady site with robust reporting capabilities. A custom instance of EdReady can be similar to the functionality of the public site, or vastly different to support any number of academic and career-oriented goals. The EdReady platform is adaptive, flexible, and data-rich. It is built to scale and evolve according to the shifting needs of NROC members.

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Standard Customizable Features (Included with NROC membership)

Standard features and customizations are a benefit of becoming a sustaining member of The NROC Project, while extended customizations may require additional fees. Our membership based approach ensures that EdReady is affordable, accessible, and relevant at any scale.

REPORTING and DATA ACCESS – Data dashboards for teachers, administrators, counselors, etc., including Excel downloads with appropriate permissions

LANDING PAGE – Customization options allow you to personalize your EdReady version for your students:

  • co-branding with institutional logo
  • ability to customize the messaging (including links, images, etc.) displayed for your users
  • choice of EdReady homepage art

GOALS – What do your students want to be ready for? Each goal can support a unique “readiness experience.” There is no limit to the number of goals you can create. Start with one or two to manage a group of students working toward a shared goal, OR, add many goals to further personalize the experience.

Goals support different roles (e.g. teachers, administrators, counselors, etc.) for setup, management and reporting. Each goal includes:

  • custom image and title to summarize the purpose of the goal (I want to…)
  • long description can include freeform (html) supporting text with images, video, and ability to link to external (non-EdReady) applications
  • one or more custom assessments
  • option to have students set target score based on school choice, or work toward a predetermined target score
  • choice of study resources (from EdReady library including NROC resources and others)
  • custom congratulations messaging

CUSTOMIZED SCOPES – Remove or reorder topics from your students’ scope of expectations.

  • Currently supporting NROC Developmental Math and NROC Developmental English

RESOURCES – EdReady currently refers students to study our award winning, multimedia NROC Developmental Math resources. Select which additional resource collections you would like your students to have access to. (More information on the available resource collections available here.)


  • User guides, professional development materials, basic implementation support resources, and activities to support your local EdReady administrator.
  • Access to NROC support staff and 24/7 online support infrastructure.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with peer members of The NROC Project, NROC staff, and other leading organizations to improve and transform educational practice in personalizing the pathways to college and career readiness.

Accessibility Resources

General Information


EdReady: One-Page Overview of Key Features

This file provides a high-level look at what makes EdReady unique and is a useful introduction for anyone interested in EdReady's capabilities available on member sites.

    Getting Started

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    As an NROC member, you are entitled to a customized version of EdReady for your institution. This is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways, so you will need to provide some basic information so that we can get EdReady set up correctly to support you and your students.

    Once you have provided your NROC membership representative with your selected URL (format: YourInstitution.EdReady.org), the EdReady team will create your draft site. This process can take up to two weeks. Once the site has been created, your designated EdReady Administrator will sign up for a meeting time with their assigned NROC Implementation Specialists. This virtual meeting with you and other stakeholders at your institution is for reviewing the site and to create a plan to help you fine-tune goals and scopes. You can set up a meeting with one of our Implementation Specialists by going to https://nrocnetwork.org/ask and clicking on the personal appointments tab.

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    Check out our webinars.

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    As you consider how to spread the word about EdReady, our Marketing Toolkit provides a spectrum of out-of-the-box and customizable EdReady marketing materials designed to support your institution’s EdReady initiatives. The EdReady Toolkit includes the animated EdReady video (link and embed code), as well as posters, flyers, website advertisements, and promotional goods.

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    General Information

    Getting Started Resources


    EdReady: Available Career Pathways for Math (Pre-Loaded Scopes)

    Contains an overview of the career and degree types covered by the 140 Career Pathways scopes in an easily-shareable format.

    EdReady Marketing Toolkit

    Resources to help you publicize and share EdReady at your institution: includes images, fliers, posters, and web banners that can be used as-is or customized.

      Sharing EdReady With Instructors

      Administrator Resources

      Instructional Resources

      Case Studies

      Case Studies


      No More Remediation--Supporting College Students with a Co-Requisite Model

      Owensboro Technical and Community College, Kentucky

      Math Boot Camp for Adult Ed Students

      Owensboro Technical and Community College, Kentucky

      Implementation for General Ed and Special Ed High School Students

      Kentucky Technical and Community College System

      Helping ABE Students Prepare for the GED Math Test

      Metropolitan Community College, Nebraska

      Co-Requisite Support for College Math and Statistics

      California State University, Monterey Bay

      Math Placement at a Community College

      Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Tennessee

      Quick Math Remediation for Incoming College Students

      Owensboro Technical and Community College, Kentucky

      Revamping College Math Placement

      Nevada State College, Nevada

      Supporting High School Freshmen in an Early College STEM Program

      Waipahu High School Early College, Hawaii

      Preparing High Schoolers for the ACT

      Agassi Prep High School, Nevada

      Developmental Math Boot Camp for College Students

      Owensboro Technical and Community College, Kentucky

      College Math Readiness at an Online High School

      Mountain Heights Academy, Utah