NROC Math 2.0: A Back-to-School Webinar

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

As you consider how to make the most of NROC Developmental Math in the coming school year, we invite you to join us for an overview of differrent options for adapting and sharing these great resources with teachers and learners at your NROC member institution.

• Learn about the new features, including detailed tracking, available with the latest Grade Service release.
• Get tips for customizing the curriculum within your preferred Learning Management System.
• Support personalized learning paths toward specific goals by sharing the resources within the new EdReady college readiness tool.

Facilitated by Terri Rowenhorst and Ned Zimmerman-Bence from the NROC Member Services Team

Math 2.0 Webinar Summer 2014 – Slides

NROC Math Distribution Descison Guide

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